57 lbs

United Representative: “You are 7 pounds over the limit on your fourth luggage… You need to pay an additional 200$ for this”.

Me: “These are medical supples.. All the four luggages I have checked are full of medical supplies. We already paid 200$. Will you please make an exception? It’s only 7 pounds. I’m taking these to the Syrian refugees”.

United Representative: “You can talk to the lady over there with the walker talkie if you want help with this”

Of course I go running….

Me: “Excuse me ma’am?”


Me: “This is going to be the most unique conversation you have this week guaranteed. I’m going to Istanbul then down south to Gaziantep to help the Syrian refugees who are struggling to survive the civil war. I’m planning on sneaking into Syria to give direct aid. I have checked four luggages on United and only one is over the limit by 7 pounds. I can’t take anything out. It is medical supplies for these poor people. Can you help please? You’ll help me make a difference over there”

She walks over to the counter, ask the United representative a few questions and approves the waive for the 200$.

I immediately embrace and hug her tightly. I look her in the eyes and say “you just helped make a difference in the lives of these refugees. Thank you for helping with that. It means a lot” and she smiles saying “No, thank you! Please be safe out there.”

Hurdle #1 = handled

I say “hurdle” because that is all they ever really are. Little bumps, mini walls and obstacles that are meant to be overcome. I am ready to break and climb ANY and ALL. I am ready to put into action all the words I have expressed and shared the past few weeks.

Thank you for the donations.
Thank you for the support.
Thank you for the prayers.
Thank you for the good energy and positivity.
Thank you for believing.