Toilet paper

3 separate airplanes
2 security checks questioning my Swiss Army knife and my extra pack of AAA batteries
1 long drive through streets and neighborhoods that shockingly house people, families, livelihoods

I’m in Gaziantep!

I’m staying with the kindest, most loving Syrian refugee and her mother in a 12 foot apartment. They don’t have much. This wouldn’t even be called “simple living” in the US. Read that last sentence again to ensure you recognize how blessed you are. They have greeted me with so much love, a small home cooked meal and given up their beds (even though I argued against it for longer than my delirious self could tolerate) so that I may sleep comfortably. Sigh.

Doors don’t close all the way so privacy even in the bathroom isn’t possible and toilet paper is a luxury. Yes, luxury. So the next time you are in the bathroom, look at that toilet paper roll with a smile on your face and be thankful for it.

PS – here is one of the last things said to me before going to sleep:

“We are far enough from Aleppo not to hear the bombs, sleep well”.