Returning to Syria!

Since the moment I left Syria and every moment thereafter, I have thought of my trip back. I have thought of more ways to help the people and to help the children. I have thought of doing whatever it is I possibly can to continue giving direct aid – even if it involves risking my life. We risk our lives every time we get in a car. What difference does it make how I risk mine? Better yet, I would much rather risk mine in helping the lives of others than in any other way.

I am returning to Syria in a few weeks so keep the donations coming. Also go out and grab a copy of the OC Register today to read about my trip on the front page! 🙂

Please check out my best friend, Sama Wareh’s blog. She is the reason behind EVERYTHING I have done for the Syrians.

Sama’s Blog

Thank you for all the support!!!

And please, PLEASE keep the donations coming for my next trip to Syria!