Spread the Word!

Happy Friday to my dear friends and followers! A week ago today, I was blessed to have the OC Register feature my trip to Syria on the FRONT page.


I was so excited and nervous to SPREAD THE WORD to as many people as possible. Awareness is so important! This blog is to kindly ask each one of my followers and readers to write an email to at least 10 people you know regarding my humanitarian efforts for the Syrian refugees. Share with them my blog and suggest that they read the three most important posts: Entering Syria, Day One and Day Two. And lastly, give them the opportunity to partake in either making a DONATION to my next trip (I will be going back in May!) OR writing an email to 10 people they know.

Word of mouth is the most effective way to support me and to support these human beings who are truly suffering every single day. Please please take 10 minutes of your time TODAY and help me in my desire to help others. Wishing you all a happy and safe Friday! x