This Is Not Terrorism


This is a massacre of innocent lives.

This is children dying.

This is people suffering.

This is inexcusable behavior.

This is cruelty.

This is mistreatment and terror.

This is disgust and abuse.

This is torture and emotional distress.

This is heartache and broken families.

This is happening RIGHT NOW.



These are the questions to ask. This is what matters most. A friend of mine asked my opinion about what the US/world should do for Syria and this was my response: “I’m at the Turkish/Syrian border right now. In the middle of packing supplies for the children because I’m going inside tomorrow. Send some prayers for me and the people and children inside suffering… Pray that the suffering and cruelty ends soon. Pray that the world and all people come together to end the constant massacres of innocent lives in Syria and every where else in the world.  Pray that we begin to see one another as brothers and sisters rather than enemies. Pray that we are no longer judged or abused due to our religious beliefs or cultural backgrounds. Pray for a world that evolves and grows for the better. Pray that we can open our eyes and see that we are all apart of one human race. That’s my opinion on it. I’ve have seen with my own eyes what is going on inside of Syria. The TV is only a glimpse of the truth as its much worse in reality. Does it matter?  No because death is death. Suffering and torture is painful for every one and any one.  Is it wrong? YES.  Should something be done about it?  Absolutely.  When?  YESTERDAY. One week ago. One month ago. One year ago.