Sadness under the Stars

I am incredibly emotional. The conditions are worse inside. The men are overtired and they are changing. I feel defeated or maybe I am just drained? I don’t know… I’m so mixed up. I’m laying on the roof by myself right now. The stars are clear and distinct. So much beauty and possibility, yet I feel utter sadness and heartache. I can’t help but to question civilization. Look what we are doing to one another! Look at what we are becoming! Look at the disgusting extremes in our world! I don’t know what the outcome will be for Syria nor do I know the damage that will come from it. I don’t know if the Syrian people who I have spent time with, gotten to know personally and love deeply will suffer more from the fall of this war. These people have become my family and simply seeing them today, feeling the embrace of the women and kissing the children energized me while I mourned for them. I worry for them so much and I worry even more for the whole of humanity.

I spoke to a Muslim man who has surprisingly began to love a non-Muslim woman. He shared with me the passion he feels for her and the pull between them both. But he told me, with tears in his eyes, of the constant fight he has with his heart to not feel anything for her…. because “we come from different worlds, we have different thinking and different beliefs”. I excused myself and begin to cry as I walked away. Why can’t love blossom between two souls regardless of their cultural background or religious beliefs? Why must it be seen as a sin to love another if they aren’t of the same faith? This is crazy and this is wrong. Instead the love should blossom… it should blossom into a garden of compromise, respect, and unconditional love. So the people in the world can see with their own eyes that change isn’t bad and that we don’t have to come from the same place in order to create something beautiful together, that we can all come together and evolve as one. My heart aches for them both because they will not have the chance to cultivate this love they feel for one another. What a shame.

We are faced with another potential world war and we are lacking the most important thing this life has gifted to us: unconditional love for one another.