Good Early Morning!!!

To my dear friends and followers… I am sorry for the LONG delay. It has been months since I have written unfortunately. My last trip to Syria was the most emotional one thus far and it took me some time to get back on my feet. Aside from getting personally involved and very connected to Syrian refugees both inside of Syria and Turkey, I also learned in great detail of the abuse and mistreatment many of the Syrian women (and people) have suffered in result of this revolution for freedom. It really could a toll on me mentally, creating awful nightmares resulting in sleepless nights and difficulty getting back to being “home” so upon my return, I took some time to reflect and heal. Fortunately my dear friend and partner, Sama was able to take some time off work in November and continue our work for the Syrian refugees by going to Lebanon and help start a Syrian refugee children’s school, Tuyoor Al-Mal aka Birds of Hope!  Since then we have focused primarily on establishing a strong foundation for our local not-for-profit organization, For The Unseen

I am beyond excited to share that in 12 days is our first fundraiser of the year, the For The Unseen Gala on Friday, April 25th at 6pm at the Delhi Center in Santa Ana. During this lovely evening, we will share with you all the details of what we have been up to as an NPO and we will have the premiere screening of Sama’s documentary, 350 Birds of Hope (please click on this link for a trailer of the documentary). The documentary is 30 minutes long and shows Sama’s time in Lebanon starting a school for the Syrian refugee children, the importance of art therapy and mostly, how it helps AND heals… We will also be serving yummy Middle Eastern (Persian) food for dinner including drinks and deserts as well as childcare in a separate room!

Please purchase tickets on our website as they are pre-sale right now and will go up higher in price at the door. Not to mention, since we are having food catered we may have to turn people away at the door and I truly would not like to do that to anyone so please please please PLEASE make sure to purchase your tickets in advance online! 🙂