Syrian Civilians

In light of the current events, I feel inclined to write a quick note to those who were and have been following my humanitarian work. Though I have not gone to Turkey or Syria this year, there has not been a single day that I do not think of the Syrian refugees and the Syrian family I stayed with during all my visits inside of Syria. There is not a single day that I do not think of every single individual who supported my humanitarian efforts in fundraising, spreading the word and standing behind me on the importance of us coming together as one human race in protection of each other no matter our differences.

Since the US decided to airstrike ISIS in both Iraq and Syria yesterday, my only concern… my only HOPE is that the innocent people: the men, women and children stay safe during these airstrikes, both in Iraq and in Syria. As you all know, the Syrians have already suffered an immense amount in the past three years. Let us all pray that this suffering will end soon and that their suffering will not be worsened by the presence of the United States or any other countries that may get involved.