Current Plan

I have recently returned from my second trip to Syria and it was another successful journey.  This last visit was very intimate as I spent more time inside, getting to know the culture and the people personally.  I witnessed first hand their day-to-day lives in a third world country that is being corrupted by an endless revolution.

A revolution that began as a cry for help, an attempt for freedom in hopes to create a better country.  

A revolution that has created so much bloodshed and conflict, the Syrians have become desensitized to pain and death.  

I have written a few blogs in hopes to share my experience with you all.  Please begin reading the post: “Reunite, Familiarize and Provide” and work your way up from there! My current and future plan is to create a sustainable project inside for the people to cultivate their own agriculture as well as provide opportunity for work/steady income primarily for the individuals who have lost loved ones due to the war.  Hopefully with the support of you and everyone else, the funds will be fundraised to assist in the preparation of such projects!   



The following is a previous post about my first trip to Syria:

I went to Syria and gave direct aid to a few villages in the south of Idlib.  I flew out on March 25th then a few days later, snuck across the border of Syria and went to the south of Idlib.  I returned back to the US on April 9th. 100% of the money I fundraised went directly to the refugees.  My travel expenses were kindly covered by my sponsor (a selfless, loving and beautiful soul who I was honored to represent on my trip).   For further details of my time INSIDE of Syria, please go to “My Blog” and read these three blog posts in the following order:

1) Entering Syria, 2) Day One and 3) Day Two.

These three blogs will give you a glimpse into my journey….

Since then, all I have thought about is returning back to Syria and helping more refugees as soon as I possibly can.  I didn’t have a plan on my first trip.  I went with the flow, trusted my instincts and I met the most wonderful people on my journey.  These beautiful souls have dedicated their day-to-day lives to the country of Syria and the millions of suffering people.  I am incredibly honored to know these individuals.  There is something indescribable when risking your life to help the lives of others.

Therefore, my current plan is to go back in June for a few weeks. I am fundraising yet again and hope to take with me a large sum of money so that I may purchase medical supplies for the hospitals, food, and whatever it is they need to continue surviving.  I hope that you take the time to read my blog and educate yourself on what is going on in Syria as well as other parts of the world.  Remember, in the end, we are one human race and it is only together that we will evolve. 

Please contribute to my journey to save lives by making donations (via PayPal by clicking the Donation tab above – there is a 2.9% when using PayPal or make a deposit into my Chase Checking account; email me for account info). Keep in mind that 100% of the money you donate will be given first hand to the refugees. The money will NOT go towards my travel expenses as all my expenses have been paid already by my sponsor (a selfless, loving and beautiful soul who I am honored to represent on this trip). It is important to recognize the risk involved in my decision and for you to be AWARE of the lives that are being taken every single day.